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Bibipi was an anon editor on incels dot wiki for 8 months. He joined over a year after site launch. He was temp banned twice for edit warring and perceived coup attempts.

He wrote a lot of intelligent content involving mating dynamics, however his philosophy often differed from other users.

He returned to the wikis in December 2020 after at least 7 months exiled.

Bibipi: The True Story[edit]

He is a good guy and is one of the nicer blackpillers. He loves Jordan Peterson, coding and evopsych. Which most of us do as well, but he did not like the tone of the wiki and wanted to rewrite it entirely. We wish him all the best.

Bibipi vs the Decepticons[edit]

Some had said he was a mod on /r/JordanPeterson. After that rumor came out, he denied it.

Bibipi 2[edit]

He is also not known to be active on any incel forums, has not revealed his identity to anyone, and always uses VPNs.

Bibipi 2020[edit]

8 months after leaving, Bibipi comes back seeking a return to writing

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