Bianca Heinicke

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Bianca Heinicke
2016-06-28 282 Bianca „Bibi“ Heinicke von „BibisBeautyPalace“.jpg
Name: Bianca Heinicke
Birth: July 24, 1993
Job: Fashion Youtuber
Ethnicity: German

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Bianca Heinicke (born 1993-02-06) is perhaps the most popular megastacy in the world. She is a fashion YouTuber with >5.7 Million subscribers, making her Germany's most subscribed local-language YouTuber (Bibi's Beauty Palace). She decided to get a nose and boob job in 2021.

Personal life[edit]

Her husband, a lesser known video producer named Julian Claßen, is a 6ft 4in (193cm) tall chad. Bianca is a mother of two children.


Their videos cover various life style topics, but also miscellaneous reactions such as reacting to random videos with zero views[1].


Bianca's net worth is estimated at approximately 15 Million €. Her wealth is also indicated by her living in a huge mansion[2] ownership of a Mercedes-Benz S Class luxury vehicle,[3] as well as Instagram photos of traveling by private jet.[4]


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