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A betabux, for beta bucks, or beta provider, is a man who missed out on sex during his prime years, so in desperation he uses his wealth to attract a post-prime golddigging slut who rode the cock carousel during her prime years.

According to LMS theory, he is low in looks and status (i.e. not a Chad) which is why he missed out on sex. However, he has large amounts of money, which is how he is able to secure a female partner. But unfortunately, due to his low Looks and Status, his female partner neither lusts nor respects him – resulting in her cheating on him, divorcing him, or being unenthusiastic about sex.

The archaetypal beta provider[edit]


Timothy is the archaetypal beta provider. Timothy is a 35 year old engineer with a good career. Timothy is also ugly and a kissless virgin. Timothy marries Jenny, a fat 36-year-old woman who has 3 kids. Jenny used to be attractive in her teenage years and early 20s, but is no longer due to poor diet, and excessive partying and drinking during her prime years. Jenny used to spend lots of time getting fucked by only good looking tall alpha jocks, but none of them were willing to settle down with her. She ended up with 3 kids as a result of one night stands with random alphas. Jenny realized she needs a source of income to provide for her and her kids, so she married Timothy the beta provider. Although she does not tell Timothy this, Jenny has no intentions of having any children by Timothy – she only wants to use him to leech off his money.

Due to his servile mannerisms, and his enabling of golddigging, the betabux archetype is often mocked and ridiculed in manosphere circles. He is the sycophant of the dating scene. He is seen as the self-abasing, nuthugging, bootyclapping, brownie points-seeking, servile, toadyish, radfem-pleasing, butt-licking, abject obsequious semi-male lackey of the dating world.

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