Beta Uprising

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A beta uprising is a fictional scenario wherein all workers have a violent revolution against chads.

Nominal Beta Uprisings throughout history[edit]

Mao's China and the USSR[edit]

Beta uprisings have been nominally attempted on a mass-scale throughout history, for example in Mao's China or in Stalin's USSR, where the working class harassed and murdered all the landlords and businessmen. However, some of the leaders of such revolutions were arguably too sexually successful in the process of their revolutions, that they ruined the nature of their Beta Revolution.

For example, Mao Zedong got a bit too greedy and gave himself over 3,000 concubines during his revolution and as leader of China's Betas.[1]

Stalin was a bit more weird than Zedong during the run up to his violent purging of businessmen. For example, before he became successful, he decided to groom children as young as 13 and impregnate them.[2]


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