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Backtoschoolcel, aka Back2schoolcel, is a 28 year old 5'3"-5'4" manlet from the United States. He became an incel meme due to the fact that although he has an attractive face, money, and status, his short height makes him incel.


Backtoschoolcel first became a meme when an image of him wearing a black tie, white shirt, and dress pants began circulating on Discord, Reddit, and The picture became the origin of several memes that reached the front page of /r/shortcels, /r/IncelsWithoutHate, and /r/short. The name "Backtoschoolcel" was given to him by the community due to the original meme image showing him on the front steps of what appears to be a college or University building.

Height vs. Face[edit]

On forums like, Backtoschoolcel has been used as an example showing that "height > face" (height is more important than face). Even with an above-average face that is better than other individuals around him, Backtoschoolcel appears comically short in photos with others. This has led many to conclude that without height, having a good face is essentially meaningless, thus providing evidence of the heightpill.


Despite his height, Backtoschoolcel appears to have a generally positive life outlook. He openly discusses how being a short male has affected his life when asked about it, so many incels and short men have found his experiences relateable.


He has been interviewed on FaceandLMS on 3 separate occasions as well as on TheTruthHurts YouTube channels, among others.


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