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BWC (Big White Cock) is a theory created by alt-right users on /pol/ board of 4chan. This is also a counter-response to BBC shitposting.


Some alt-right users online theorize that Asian females can't handle the BWC because their vagina size is shaped for Asian size penis. Also, this was the beginning of other sexual memes. Including a popular one that shows a black supremacist female laying in bed with a white supremacist male. It suggests that the desire of white cock is too strong for black woman to resist.


The majority of the alt-right users oppose the idea of inter-racial relationships of any kind. They tend to shame the supporters of the theory by calling them “race-traitors”. The opposition sometimes uses pictures of beautiful pregnant white woman (usually with a wedding dress and other garments) to persuade “race-traitors” from engaging in interracial propaganda.

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