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An asshole is a selfish replicator. The male asshole is easy to spot in the wild. He will engineer a hostile social environment, and exploit women's propensity to look for a "bodyguard" in that situation.

Assholedom has become socially acceptable behavior in modern dating, through pick-up-artistry becoming mainstream dating advice. A top goal of the asshole is status. The asshole is often high status because he/she is good looking.

Men and women of all ages seem to sexually prefer assholes. Synonyms of, "asshole", include: "bully", "bad boy", "bitch", and "dark-triad breeder". Antonyms include, "nice guy/girl".

Incels on being a “bad boy”[edit]

Incels don't argue with pick-up-artists that being a bad boy helps, “get”, women. However, incels argue that having the permission to act like an asshole around women requires that the one already have enough looks, money, and status. If one acts like a bad boy around women while ugly or low status, that person will often not have a good time... It is for this reason a lot of incels grow up with very “sweet” or “nice” personalities, so that they don't get negative attention from women who evaluate them as low LMS.

Teenage girls choose bullies disproportionately[edit]

In school, a relatively small amount of men do most of the bullying and receive most of the sexual attention from women interested in sex. Teenage girls sexually prefer male peers who are bullies over peers who are bullied. And teenage male bullies have more sexual partners than their bullied peers.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Academics, led by Daniel Provenzano from the U. Windsor, found that bullying probably evolved as a behavior for men to show their strength and assert dominance, while signaling to women that they are good prospective mates who will provide for their needs and offspring. Provenzano suggests that professionals dealing with young adults need to recognize the role of sexual motivation in bullying.[7]

An article describing two studies conducted by Volk et al. (2015) concluded that

Taken together, results from the present study offer mixed, but generally positive, support for our hypothesis that bullying is an evolutionarily adaptive behavior” and noted that “The links between bullying and dating/sexual outcomes are (for the most part) not simply a function of common variance with attractiveness and age or sex, although those variables do play a role in dating and sexual behavior” therefore bullying increased adolescent males mating success independent of other factors like looks, social desirability, etc.

—Volk et al[8]

The authors advised that

In the meantime, bullying research and interventions should be increasingly cognizant of the fact that bullying may indeed be, at least in part, due to evolved mental adaptations that predispose some individuals to harm others to obtain personal goals. These goals may go beyond social dominance and extend specifically toward obtaining sexual partners.

—Volk et al[9]

Another study found that

Higher Extraversion and higher bullying perpetration significantly predicted having had sex (among the adolescent participants in the study, albeit relying on self-reported data) [and the] number of sexual partners was significantly positively correlated with bullying [...] in both samples (correlation of r .34 with bullying and number of sexual partners among older adolescents).

—Dane et al[10]

Thus it seems apparent that a tendency towards bullying is seen as an attractive trait by a significant number of women(at least adolescent girls), and this may even be independent of the traits such a tendency displays (i.e. “dark triad” traits, higher level of social dominance.)

Women fantasize about criminals a lot[edit]

Women have a greater preference for stories of true crime than men. To evaluate the degree of this preference, researchers analyzed gender proportions of reviews on Amazon for different genres including true crime and war. They found 70% of true crime reviewers were female, while 82% of war reviewers were male, despite an overall relatively even distribution of male and female reviewers on the site in general.[11]

The suggested that the primary reasons women might be interested in these books is for “survival tips” to avoid becoming victims themselves. Associations were found which may suggest this is in part a motivation, but these were very weak. Women's responses on evaluation of how much their reading was for “safety” were not very different from men's, and were greatly inadequate to explain the dramatic gender difference in preference for this material.

They did not attempt to evaluate to what extent female preference for these types of stories relate to other evidence such as that women are more attracted to sociopathic men, men with criminal histories have more consensual female partners, male serial killers are often inundated with female love letters (hybristophilia), women have a disproportionate preference for pornography featuring violence against women, and that most women admit to harboring “rape fantasies”.


  • Females contributed 52% of the reviews and men 48%.
  • More women than men reviewed books in the true crime genre (70% vs. 30%), w2(1, N ¼ 306) ¼ 22.08, p < .001.
  • More men than women reviewed books in the war genre (82% vs. 18%), w2(1, N ¼ 1,263) ¼ 520.76, p < .001.
  • 95% of the reviews in both the true crime and war categories were positive.
  • When considering stories with violent content, women are drawn to true crime stories more so than are men.

Male psychopaths are very sexually successful[edit]

39% of hospitalized male psychopaths had consensual sex with female mental health staff

Carl B. Gacono, PhD et al. (1995) published a small study for the The Bulletin of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law comparing “select behavior indices between hospitalized insanity acquittees (N = 18) and hospitalized insanity acquittees who successfully malingered (N = 18)”. The study authors called the malingerers “severe psychopaths”.[12][13]

They found that these severe psychopaths were so likely to have consensual sexual relations with female staff, that in fact 39% had such consensual relations with female mental health staff when this was properly evaluated.


Behavioural infractions committed by control group and malingerers “severe psychopaths”.
  Comparison Subjects Severe Psychopaths
Verbally/physically assaultive 17% 100%
Specialized treatment plan 0% 35%
Sex/marriage with female staff 0% 39%
Drug dealing within institution 0% 44%
Escaped 11% 17%


  • The malingerers were significantly more likely to have a history of murder or rape, carry a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder or sexual sadism, and produce greater PCL-R factor 1, factor 2, and total scores than insanity acquittees who did not malinger.
  • The malingerers were also significantly more likely to be verbally or physically assaultive, require specialized treatment plans to control their aggression, have sexual relations with female staff, 39% had such consensual relations with female mental health staff, deal drugs, and be considered an escape risk within the forensic hospital.

Antisocial men are particularly sexually successful[edit]

A study conducted in the United Kingdom on behalf of the Society for Research in Child Development by Sara R. Jaffee et al. (2003) using “data from an epidemiological sample of 1,116 5-year-old twin pairs and their parents’, remarked the following: ‘Second, despite the fact that fathers who engage in high levels of antisocial behavior make up a small proportion of fathers overall, they are responsible for a disproportionate number of births. For example, Moffitt and colleagues (2002) found that although men who engaged in high levels of antisocial behavior constituted only 10% of a birth cohort, they accounted for 27% of the babies fathered by the time the men were age 26’”.[14][15]

Male gang members are very sexually successful[edit]

Another study by Palmer and Tilley (1995) for The Journal of Sex Research examining the possible evolutionary psychological motives prompting young men to join street gangs revealed that “shows that the gang members in the study reported a significantly greater average number of sex partners during the last 30 days than the non-gang members reported for the same period (M, of 1.67 to 1.22, respectively)” and that “the two greatest total numbers of partners reported in our study were by two gang leaders, who reported 11 and 10 partners, respectively.” The studies authors concluded that compared to prior study conducted by Laumann et al.’s examing men in the United States sexual habits; “many gang members in our study had as many, or more, sex partners in one month than the average male in Laumann et al.’s study had in one year.”[16]

Note all of this is despite some evidence that unattractive individuals are disproportionately drawn to a life of crime ( , and vice versa for attractive individuals.

This author and the incel wiki provides this information solely for evidentiary purposes as regards to the mate selection procedure of female H.Sapiens, we do not encourage incels to “thugmaxx” (i.e. commit violent crimes) in an attempt to ameliorate their sexual situation.


Number of female partners during the last 30 days reported by males who were gang members and males who were not gang members
Number of Partners Gang Members Non Gang Members
6 1 0
5 1 0
4 5 2
3 4 3
2 13 14
1 26 32
0 7 12


  • Gang members reported a significantly greater average number of sex partners during the last 30 days than the non-gang members reported for the same period (M of 1.67 to 1.22, respectively); one-tailed t-test, t = 2.16, df = 118, p < .025. […]
  • Two gang leaders […] reported 11 and 10 partners, respectively, [within the last 90 days] […]
  • In contrast, no non-gang member in the study reported more than five partners within the last 90 days.
  • We also predict that leaders of gangs, like leaders in many human societies, not only have sexual access to greater numbers of females, but also more exclusive sexual access to these females.

Women disproportionately consume violent and abusive porn[edit]

Radfems, tradcons, and religious leaders commonly insinuate that men disproportionately consume abusive pornographic material. This is a false insinuation.

A former Google data scientist was given complete access to PornHub's search and views data. Women were more than twice as likely as men to search for videos where women were humiliated, raped or abused. Tags women preferred included: "extreme brutal gangbang", "painful anal crying", "forced", "public disgrace", or "rape".

A quarter of all straight porn searches by women were for videos that featured violence against women. A fifth of those videos involved women being raped. Pornhub has the most traffic out of any porn site.


The finding that female porn users disproportionately seek out porn that explicitly depicts sexual violence against and the degradation of women is contrary to common cultural depictions that portray women as the "romantic sex" that heavily values emotional intimacy, male sensitivity to their needs, and kindness in relationships. As such, it appears to be disturbing to many people, and most explanations for this finding seem to have revolved around tales of abused women seeking to recreate their abuse via their porn habits as a kind of warped self-therapy, seeking to contextualize the abuse they suffered via consuming content that essentially portrays this kind of sexual aggression as the default mode of interaction between the sexes.

Anti-porn feminists have made similar arguments, asserting that women have "internalized misogyny" and often seek out such material out of the view of seeking to propitiate the sadistic sexual urges of their male partners. On the other hand, evolutionary psychology-based arguments see this behavior as being reflective of a general female psychological tendency towards masochism and submissiveness, based on a not-insignificant pool of evidence that indicates that women have been sexually selected for such behaviors by men throughout their evolutionary history to some degree (Apostolou & Khalil, 2018).

Regardless of the proximate causes of this pattern of pornography consumption among women, there is evidence that suggests that female porn users may not be fully representative of the sexual preferences of the general population of women. Walsh (1998) examined the sexual behaviors and personality traits of regular female users compared to non-users of pornography and found they were higher on several characteristics that are generally considered indicators of faster life history strategy (associated with greater promiscuity in general). Namely, female users of pornography reported more having more sexual partners, having a stronger sex drive, being more likely to be "addicted to sex," being more behaviorally masculine, more likely to undergo puberty earlier, and they placed more importance on the regular attainment of orgasm than female non-users of pornography. This study certainly indicates that one would expect female pornography users to have a preference for such seemingly aversive materials either due to a potential female fast life history strategist preference for harsher male displays of dominance and violent coercion, or it could be reflective of a general female taste for such male sexual behaviors that is more often expressed among fast life history strategy women as they are less sexually repressed, even on a cognitive level.

However, Wu (2006) found in a survey published in the Journal of International Women's Studies that female users of romance novels (which often contain veiled or outright explicit depictions of sexual assault) were more feminine, noted fewer sexual partners and reported a later onset of sexual activity compared to female non-readers of this material. The divergence in outcomes between these two studies is likely explicable by differences in sampling and the sample restriction in the second study to romance novel readers. Also, the first used "pornography" as the metric of choice (and many women may not like to consider romance novels as a form of pornography).

It does seem that engagement with violent sex acts of the type that are often depicted in online pornography is quite common among women, with 49% of young partnered women reporting engaging in rough sex "sometimes" or "often" in a large study of US college undergrads (Hebenick et al., 2021). In Hebenick's study, 39.9% of heterosexual women reported enjoying rough sex "very much" compared to 32.3% of men, a difference that was small (d = .17) but statistically significant. Bisexual women reported a higher frequency of enjoying violent sex "very much" than heterosexual women (54.1%). As some have proposed that bisexuality in women may be a reflection of fast-life history adaptions (Luoto et al., 2018), this would provide further evidence for the claim that fast life history women (and men) are more likely to participate in sexual behaviors based mainly on the violent acting out of dominance/submission roles and less on affiliative sexual behaviors.

There is also evidence that suggests that frequent users of pornography, in general, are relative fast life history strategists, with Cheng et al. (2020) finding that citizens of US states with higher crime rates and mortality (potentially both reflective of and causative of a fast life history strategy among the citizens of that state) were more likely to search for pornography on Google, controlling for state GDP and sex ratio. The link between state-level mortality and pornography use found in this paper was quite strong, with a one SD increase in mortality in a state leading to a roughly .56 SD increase in the frequency of searches for pornographic terms. The mass of women do not appear to be frequent users of pornography (Hebenick et al., 2020), providing further support for the thesis that female porn users are unusually sociosexually unrestricted compared to the bulk of women. However, this is also most likely strongly reflective of their lower sex drive compared to men. Social desirability bias also causes women to underreport their sexual behaviors compared to men, as women are pressured more to adhere to chastity norms. However, people that are self-selected via participating in internet studies on sexual behavior tend to be more sociosexually unrestricted (as was the case in a few of the studies cited above), so these two things may even out somewhat in those specific instances.


  • A quarter of straight porn searches by women are for videos featuring violence against their own sex.
  • Five percent of searches by women are for content portraying nonconsensual sex.
  • Search rates for these more extreme types of sexual content are at least twice as common among women than men.
  • If there is a genre of porn in which violence is perpetrated against a woman, analysis of the data shows that it almost always appeals disproportionately to women. (Rahman, 2017)


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Young women may be particularly attracted to dark triad men[edit]

The dark triad is defined as: Narcissism, Manipulativeness, & Psychopathy. The “Dirty Dozen” is a scoring tool for quickly quantifying the Dark Triad:

  1. I tend to manipulate others to get my way.
  2. I tend to lack remorse.
  3. I tend to want others to admire me.
  4. I tend to be unconcerned with the morality of my actions.
  5. I have used deceit or lied to get my way.
  6. I tend to be callous or insensitive.
  7. I have used flattery to get my way.
  8. I tend to seek prestige or status.
  9. I tend to be cynical.
  10. I tend to exploit others toward my own end.
  11. I tend to expect special favors from others.
  12. I want others to pay attention to me.

Various studies have shown that women seeking short-term relationships, including female undergraduates, prefer dark triad traits in men.

Undergraduate women were presented with male characters of varying degrees of Dark Triad personality. Physicality was held constant. Men with Dark Triad traits were dramatically more attractive to women compared to control characters who lacked these traits (with 99.9% statistical certainty). Furthermore, the attractiveness of these Dark Traits was not explained by other characteristics like extroversion.[17][18]

Thus it seems apparent that while personality does matter to women, it does not matter in the ways they claim. Contrary to popular claims that women want a “nice, caring guy,” in fact, they are most sexually attracted and aroused by narcissistic, manipulative, and psychopathic men.

This likely has a basis in evolutionary biology, as Dark Triad traits may have helped provide a competitive edge to men in difficult times, for example, by allowing a man to kill others for resources.

Several mainstream academic, peer-reviewed studies have confirmed that women are particularly sexually attracted to men who exhibit dark triad traits, likely because of women's hypergamous nature.[19][20][21][22] [23][24][25][26][27]

Men and women of all ages end up selecting assholes[edit]

A recent high-profile study has suggested that men sexually prefer dark triad traits more so than women.[28]

Teenage girls and female college students seem to prefer plain and clear asshole behaviour from males. Despite women not preferring clear asshole behavior as they age, men continue to report asshole strategies as more effective than, "nice guy", strategies as they age. The contrast may be because while older women don't innately prefer assholes, male assholes have a higher level of superficial charm and thus high ability to deceive others regarding their interpersonal characteristics. The contrast may also be due to the fact that most women today are not short term maters. Men in general may be particularly attracted to assholes, and moreso than women.

Fumetto correlato[edit]




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