Artwork by prominent, current or former incel people

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This page shows a list of general artwork by prominent, current or former incel people. Attention is currently given to the most prominent figures in the history of incel communities. However, of course, we hope to expand beyond that here.

Artwork by Henry Flynt[edit]

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These drawings and artwork are from around the time Henry, as a student, gave a speech at Harvard about his life of sexual rejection. He was the first person to self-identify as being in "involuntary celibacy", using that term verbatim.

"Ugly Drawing" by Henry Flynt, 1959[edit]


Concept Art by Henry Flynt, 1961/63[edit]


Artwork by Alana[edit]

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Alana may or may not be incel still, but she is way too influential on Anglo-Saxon cybercels to not include. As she helped come up with the 'incel' portmanteau, and created the first, self-described incel community. Like Flynt, Alana has created and published assemblage art aka mixed media artwork with found objects.

Bubbles, 2020[edit]


Soundblaster Collage, 2020[edit]


Surfacing Patterns, 2020[edit]


Night Painting with Light, 2020[edit]


Bubbilicious, 2021[edit]


Artwork by Diego[edit]

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Diego is the founder and former owner of

Sweet Winter, 2016[edit]

This piece was inspired by Bob Ross paintings


Artwork by Sfanculino[edit]

Sfanculino (alias adol filters/pornoddio/transmaricaputobello/oxblood) is a digital artist, incel, and humorist from Italy. He posted artwork on

Krita experimentation, 2022[edit]

Artwork by FailedArtist[edit]

FailedArtist alias GameDevCel is the founder and administrator of the pseudo-incelospherian forum He is an incel, graphite artist, and digital artist residing in South America.

Some Girl, 2022[edit]

Lurking, 2022[edit]


Artwork by AsianBoss[edit]

AsianBoss alias SuperCheatBros is an incel person of African descent. He was a moderator of, a user of, and an EncyclopediaDramatica editor.

Untitled #1 by AsianBoss[edit]


Untitled #2 by AsianBoss[edit]