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Aphallia, or penis agenesis refers to males born without a phallus. It is a genetic defect that occurs in approximately 1 in 30 million male births.

Being born without a penis can render one incel, depending on how broad one's definition of "sex" is. Those born with aphallia are recommended by the medical field to consult regularly with a mental health professional throughout ones life.[1]


Treatment for aphallia in first world countries is done based on individual family preference. With some choosing gender reassignment surgery for those with aphallia, and others choosing more physically dangerous phalloplasties.[2]

Gender reassignment surgery[edit]

Gender reassignment surgery for aphallia is irrefutable empirical proof that a segment of the trans population transitioned to avoid inceldom. As recently as 2018, babies with aphallia are recommended to be given forced, medical gender reassignment surgery so as to avoid the mental anguish of not having a sexual organ.[2][1]

Additionally, this treatment represents one of the few established, modern medical practices explicitly devoted to avoiding future inceldom, alongside treatment for erectile dysfunction and penile deformities.

Scrotal flap phalloplasty[edit]

Scrotal flap phalloplasty is a more recent "medical innovation" that gives babies a temporary phallus, in anticipation of a full blown phalloplasty later in life, once reaching puberty.[3]

Phalloplasties are, in general, very risky surgeries, with high rates of tissue necrosis.


Despite it's prevalence, only 100 cases of penile agenesis have been documented in medical literature.[1]

A 22-year old male once presented to doctors with a congenitally missing phallus, persistent UTI infections, and an ability to pee out his anus.[1]

On television[edit]

TLC came out with an episode of Shocking Love, entitled The Man With No Penis, about a British man named Andrew allegedly born without a penis. The show describes how Andrew allegedly tricked a woman from Hungary into believing he had a penis, and made her his girlfriend.

Andrew's girlfriend in the documentary is named Fedra. According to TLC, Fedra stayed with Andrew after the revelation Andrew had no penis, but Fedra herself expressed she was deeply upset about learning of Andrew's missing member.

Andrew had tricked Fedra by simply stating he had kidney issues, trying to keep her away from his naked pelvic region for as long as possible. Fedra found out about Andrew's aphallia after Andrew decided to relay his story through local tabloids rather than tell him directly. Despite Andrew not having a penis, Fedra said she still liked being around Andrew and considered him a best friend. Andrew said he was worried he would not be able to find long term love, even while being with Fedra.


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