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Anti-sexism, or gender egalitarianism, refers to the belief that men and women should have equal rights and that sex discrimination is unjust. The term is often used by purplepillers who reject both feminism and masculinism in favor of this more neutral, pro-equality stance.

Relationship to incels[edit]

Purplepill anti-sexism[edit]

With the birth of the purplepill movement on Reddit as well as the birth of BreadTube, anti-sexism has become increasingly popular among incel communities. However, this fact remains largely ignored by liberals, radfems, and leftists on social media.

Pro-sexists vs anti-sexists[edit]

Many, "blackpilled", and, "redpilled", manospherians reject gender equality on the basis of, "returning to patriarchy". In the US, patriarchalcels often advocate taking voting rights away from women, usually by advocating for the repeal of the nineteenth amendment of their constitution.

Such pro-sexists will argue for female sexual submission, male sexual sublimation, and/or banning women from higher education.

Anti-sexists respond by getting angry, advocating female autonomy, citing technological and cultural progress with liberated sexuality, or point out to patriarchelcels that even men weren't that privileged in patriarchy.

Ideological alliances of anti-sexists[edit]

Many purplepillers self-identify as anti-sexist, considering themselves post-feminist and post-masculinist. They often criticize both feminists and masculinists for only seeing things through one perspective. Some anti-sexists argue that identifying as an activist for one gender in particular, while upholding the idea of gender equality, is hypocritical.

Despite the contradictory approach of being anti-sexist and focusing on only gender, some anti-sexists join gendered movements. Such movements include feminist and MRA movements. Genuine anti-sexists may leave such groups if said groups fail to advance gender equality. For example, anti-sexists may leave movements like intersectional feminism because of its central focus on women's issues and only token concern for male issues.

Anti-sexists will often criticize feminists for hyper-focusing on alleged issues that only relate to women. For example, they'll criticize first-world feminists for hyperfocusing on, "manspreading". Many anti-sexists consider, "manspreading", a minor issue that is needlessly divisive in favor of women specifically.

Lack of feminist support among anti-sexists[edit]

Some anti-sexists consider themselves feminists only when considering women in second and third-world nations, where women are genuinely treated as second-class citizens. They therefore support women's rights movements in extremely sexist, conservative countries, such as the Women's Protection Units in Syria Kurdistan. Most anti-sexists agree that feminism in the West is either no longer needed, or does not fight for actual equality. Despite their willingness to fight sexism, many gender egalitarians are quickly, "cancelled" (aka deplatformed), by various groups, such as by BreadTube fans.

Some anti-sexists argue that while the elitest of the elite in society are largely men, average women are protected and average men are seen as cannon-fodder. This worldview conflicts with the feminist notions of “male privilege” and an objective “Patriarchy”.

Anti-Sexist Groups[edit]

  • National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) (defunct)
  • Kakuhidou (an MRA Anti-sexist movement)
  • /r/pussypassdenied
  • Most employers try to create anti-sexist work environments
  • r/Egalitarianism
  • The Men Against Gender Injustice Collective


Feminists often criticize gender egalitarianism by arguing that feminism already aims to achieve the equality of the sexes. Anti-sexists respond to this by noting that, in practice as opposed to theory, feminism only focuses on women's issues, and that the term "feminism" is itself biased.

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