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Anti-Incel is the term used to describe people who bully incels on social networks and other websites. Anti-incels love to chadsplain. The largest anti-incel forum is r/IncelTear. Evidently, incelphobics are supremely well-adjusted individuals who will often spend spend hours talking about and/or downvoting posts on sites in the incelosphere.

Anti-incels are known for extremism, pussy rioting, psychiatric, gynocentric doctrines, and different xenophobic beliefs, including anti-ricecel sentiment.[1][2]

Anti-incels often like to assert that adult virginity is inherently right wing, despite incelSupport,, incelistan, and Braincels being all left-leaning, and the founder of braincels being an anarcho-communist. Anti-incels also often regard self-identified incel forums as being largely composed of “angry white men” when in truth, incel forums have a high racial diversity.[3]

Gender composition[edit]

Male incelphobics are often incel people themselves or at best betabuxxers. It appears many also resort to cuckoldry (open relationships), in order to gain/retain female partners. They sneakily and desperately whiteknight for women on Facebook and other platforms. The common response to this accusation, is that incel people would “focus too much on sex and falsely project that disposition on incelphobics”. One could also see male incelphobics as engaging in a form of dishonest signalling, e.g. many are themselves incel, but they lash out at self-identified incel people in order to avoid being labelled as such.

Female incelphobics, on the other hand, appear to be engaging in a sophisticated form of virgin shaming and gossiping about male creeps and unwanted sexual approaches, which is likely innate to female nature. Or they are just trying to justify their promiscuity and desire not to long-term pair-bond with men who are close to them or lower in the social hierarchy.

Broadbrushing and punching down[edit]

Anti-incels of any sex like to broadbrush average sexually frustrated men and anti-feminists with extremists. For example, by insisting that incel only means violent people, but then using the word to disparage anyone who thinks their celibacy lies primarily outside themselves. Of course, incel people often broad-brush as well, e.g. they stereotype large groups of people as Chads and women. But the crucial difference is that incel people punch up, whereas incelphobics punch down. Most incel people occupy lower status than most women in gynocentric Western societies. Average incel memes are not even actual punching, but rather comparable to political satire, mostly targeted at double standards in dating, the lie of the patriarchy, as well as female solipsism and feminist promiscuity positivity.

What escapes most incelphobics, e.g. on Reddit, is that most normies find Reddit pathetic, and most Redditors find incelphobics pathetic.[4][citation needed]

Anti-incels have sadistic personality disorder[edit]

File:Screenshot 2019-10-17 11-53-41.jpg
Subreddits that have the largest overlap in users with the anti-incel board IncelTears. Anti-incels are sadists, not altruists

If incelphobics would be intrinsically interested in the wellbeing of women and society, one would expect them to be interested in things like feminism and social justice. However, if one analyses what other boards incelphobics tend to frequent they are overwhelmingly related to sadism, shaming, as well as gossip about unwanted sexual approaches from males, e.g. creepyPMs, sadcringe, iamverybadass, justneckbeardthings, ihavesex, gatekeeping, niceguys, iamverysmart. One can conclude that incelphobics are overwhelmingly sneaky & sadistic males, as well as gossipy, psychopathic/sadistic females.[5]

Fueling Misogyny on Incel Forums[edit]

Because incelphobics do what involuntarily celibate trolls want incelphobics to do... react... incel people who are of the trolling variety often post stuff for the sole purpose of it ending up on on anti-incel boards. The presence of incelTears and similar websites has therefore meant an increase in the amount of trolling activity and misogynistic content all over the incelosphere.

When trolls don't provide enough shit for them to get triggered over, IncelTears users literally create sockpuppets to post stuff gross shit on incel subreddits so that they can go back and re-post their fake crap on IncelTears as genuine. The posts are often easy to identify as they will have the post history of an IncelTears user or no post history at all. Because of this IncelTears has been accused of astroturfing incel sites to make them appear worse than they actually are. Usually for the purpose of shutting them down, or maybe just a super sophisticated version of virgin shaming.

Banning attempts[edit]

Anti-incel boards like incelTears frequently tries to get incel forums shut down. They played a role in getting r/incels shut down, leaving it’s members to create and move to Surely, moving people to sites with no supervision will solve bigotry.

IncelTears found itself playing whack-a-mole, as incel people re-emerged on Reddit stronger than they were before, as well as creating extremely active separate forums on external websites. Banning r/incels also re-affirmed their belief about being persecuted, energizing them to create more content.

IncelTears tried for a few months to get a foreign domain host to remove from a foreign server or some shit. It didn't work, cuz it was a retarded strategy. Much like the white nationalist forums that came back three months after they were supposedly cleansed by internet service providers, the same clearnet re-emergence would happen if incel forums were temporarily blacklisted from the clearnet (highly unlikely).


IncelTears remains one of the least liked boards on Reddit’s platform, less liked by the general Reddit population than the incel forums. Even Walter Fate considers it cringy. All facebook anti-incel groups also have their privacy set to closed secret to avoid the flood of flaming and criticism they would face if they let anyone post.

Death Threats against incels[edit]

Anti-incels are known for threatening death upon all nearcels, truecels and incel people in their private Facebook forums and in public, often with their full names. Something many people in the incelosphere have been screencapping without making entire subreddits devoted to the screens like IncelTears does with their screens of misogyny.

All the following images are screens from the anti-incel Facebook group: “Found the Incel” (banned from Facebook for harassment/violent-speech), the anti-incel Facebook group: “How do incel people even survive” (banned from Facebook for terroristic threats), and the (still existing) Facebook group: “Incels say the darndest things”, now private and called, “ISTDT” after the first two groups got banned.

Logical Fallacies[edit]

Anti-incels are well known for trying to deny or downplay involuntary celibacy through any number of logical fallacies. They are fallacies within the context of arguments about incel.

  • "You know people in Africa are starving!" (red herring),
  • "If you had really tried you would have been successful!" (affirming the consequent),
  • "Well everyone else is getting dates so it’s just your own fault!" (sweeping generalization) (no true Scotsman)
  • "arranged partnerships are the Handmaids Tale" (slippery slope fallacy)
  • "so its the whole world that are wrong about x and not incels, huh?" (bandwagon fallacy)
  • "you cant find someone because you hate women" (causal fallacy)
  • "you are just too ugly to have standards, your whole worldview is just ridiculous" (tu quoque fallacy and ad hominem)
  • "theres no good reason to give up at this point" (sunk cost fallacy)
  • "Love-shyness isn’t real because Brian Gilmartin is fringe" (appeal to authority, red herring)
  • "Have you asked out every girl in the world – if not, you're not really involuntarily celibate!" (moving the goalpost),
  • "I've seen people as ugly as you with girlfriends." (cherry picking)
  • "People have been having sex since the dawn of time, including your parents, so the fault isn’t your ugliness." (survivorship bias)
  • "Your toxic masculinity is preventing you from getting laid." (proof surrogate)

Anti-incels get a taste of their own medicine: deplatforming[edit]

In 2019, the largest incelphobic group: Found the Incel, was banned from the internet by Facebook for violent speech after an outing of sample posts on YouTube by William and courageous flagging by Master and others.[6][7][8][9][10] Later, one more anti-incel group were banned. The group called, "How do incel people Even Survive", was banned by Facebook for terrorism (not joking).

Notable incelphobics[edit]


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