Anti-Feminist Left Front and the Movement Against Involuntary Celibacy

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Screenshot from 2020

Anti-Feminist Left Front and the Movement Against Involuntary Celibacy, or ALF, is a left-wing pro-incel political group in Russia. It is partially led by well-known human rights advocate named Alex Podnebesny. During September 2020, the party had 1,735 followers on VKontakte (aka 'VK').[1][2]

The party is remarkably and accidentally similar to the Western party, incel Party.

This group went offline in 2021 after Russia's federal government asked VK for the group to be taken down (presumably on the basis of what they term 'extremism'). It's possible that it's successor group/movement is the somewhat similar Antifem Communist Incels group on (also on VK), however this is unconfirmed.

Party platform translated[edit]

Communism and socialism with the right to sex for all men and without feminism.

To provide sex for all men and to abolish work are the main tasks of the left on the path to communism.

Only the ALF is telling the truth about the left movement:

  • the left have gone astray and are going in the wrong direction according to the false maps drawn 150 years ago, which have not corresponded to the lands we are following for a long time;
  • Puritanism, workerism, conformism, Putinism, homosexuality - ulcers of the left movement, which must be treated and eradicated, and not cherished, as all other left movements do;
  • the leaders of the left movements created around them hangouts, surrounded by harems, fucking youngsters, and for ordinary members they offer a choice of masturbation or pederasty with each other. Only the ALF openly opposes this and exposes the corruption and hypocrisy of the left leaders.
  • Only the ALF recognizes sexuality as the most important factor in human motivation, which determines the economy, politics and society.
  • Only the ALF requires guaranteed equal access for men to sex with women and protects the right of men to sex. We are opposed to biologization, social Darwinist sexual selection based on money and beauty, which women and other leftists advocate

It is time to say this openly: feminism today is the reactionary servant of capitalism. Women achieved not only all rights, but enormous privileges in comparison with men. And today, feminism is fighting for even greater privileges, and not for equality.

Feminism demonizes men, painting them rapists, murderers, drug addicts, pedophiles, etc., destroys families.

We stand for proletarian equality of men and women, against capitalism, against privileges.

The group unites supporters of the left ideology: socialists, communists, anarchists. We are against propaganda of conservative ideology.

It's time to put an end to the fact that anti-communists and conservatives are fighting against feminism. Feminism is not socialism, it is not communism, it is the enemy of communism and socialism. Feminism is vaginocapitalism.

We are not connected with the movement "Left Front" (S. Udaltsov). The name reflects the unification of all truly progressive left forces in the fight against feminofascism and vaginocapitalism.


Other ideas[edit]

The party thinks it is necessary to for those entering puberty to have sex with others entering puberty. They call for schools forming pairs of students on the basis of psychological and sexual compatibility and create sex rooms for those people in schools to have sex with one another. Then, the ALF feel, "the children will find happiness, harmony and health."

The founder of the ALF, Alex Podnebesny , borrowed from the second season of the series, "Pines" for this idea for schooling. Until this plan is implemented, Alex proposes distributing sex by coupons, obliging women to provide sex to men a certain number of times a month, and if suddenly a shortage happens, there would be some sort of fine system.[3]

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