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Androheterophobia is the fear, aversion to, or demonization of male heterosexuality, a subset of androphobia. The usage of a gender specific term such as "androheterophobia" instead of gamophobia, heterophobia or sexophobia would only be justifiable if there are gender specific forms of discrimination that affects one gender more than the other. This article will demonstrate the existence of double standards in favor of women that will justify the usage of this term.

The manbulge is the analogous counterpart to the cameltoe since each represents the outline of genitalia through clothing for each gender. The below section articulates the divergence in the western society's reaction to each phenomenon and its implications.

Double standards[edit]

There is a double standard in society with how it treats the natural state of males and that of females that criminalizes maleness. For example, lets look at how society responds to the physiological response of arousal in males versus its corresponding response in females. When a man has an erection even whilst clothed, law enforcement agencies will describe such an event as a crime, even though the male erection is well known to be spontaneous and random and can even be unwanted. How can you arrest someone for a natural physiological movements? It makes about as much sense to arrest someone for their cardiac cycle or epileptic seizures.[1]

By analogy, conspicuous forms of female physiological response to arousal would be grooling that causes dampening of one's pants, erected nipples that are visible through one's shirt, or convulsive trembling. In contrast, you would be hard-pressed to find that this analogous physiological responses to arousal has ever incurred a police investigation or arrest in women. In fact, the media establishment frequently seeks to normalize female reproductive functions by disproportionate representation of female oriented erotica in book stores or by persistent advertisements in media of sanitary napkins (euphemism for ladydiapers).

In a nutshell, the culture of western countries promotes the virtues of phallophobia, and even enshrines it into law, but to do the analogous thing with women by promoting eurotophobia would be unthinkable.


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