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AnathematicAnarchist was an anarcho-communist who created the incel subreddit braincels, which was created before, but replaced r/incels after the Battle of Incelistan. AnathematicAnarchist allegedly committed suicide after he posted the following suicide note to braincels. He also liked to write poetry. He was a devotee of the Russian Nihilist-Communist revolutionary Sergey Gennadiyevich Nechayev with his flair on r/braincels reading “Nechayev did nothing wrong”. He was widely despised on the subreddit before his supposed death for appointing the female user Board Gaming as mod, making her the head mod after his apparent suicide. He was also a more moderate incel, directing his rage at what he saw as the callous neo-liberal society of the United States as opposed to females.

I’m suicidal and have been for weeks now. My current psychiatrist is perfectly nice but I don’t think he can help me with this particular problem and I need immediate help in my opinion.

So, I figured maybe I should come clean to my parents and go to a hospital so they can help me because otherwise I’m going to kill myself. With this in mind, I searched through some Reddit threads to see what the process is like and if it will help me.

What a fucking joke. Horror story after horror story of how disgustingly unhelpful American emergency rooms and psych wards are for suicidal people. Every single post said that it was the worst experience of their lives, did nothing to help their suicidal feelings, and that they wish they had never gone to one and never will go to one again.

There’s nobody who can help me. My family can’t save me, the hospital won’t give a shit about me, and I’m incapable of helping myself. This is because American culture views people like me as garbage and has no intention of improving our lives. If there was a single fucking person on the planet who could help me, I wouldn’t have to kill myself. The blood of me and tens of thousands of other people like me is on America’s hands for disregarding and throwing away the lives of genetic and social wastes.

These are, in all likelihood, my parting words. I hope they can help and inspire others on this sub:

Fuck the system. The system is responsible for your pain and suffering. It is your moral duty to do everything in your power to abolish the current socioeconomic order by any means necessary. My only wish now is that I become a martyr for the people like myself who have spent decades under the boot of a cruel and merciless tyrant known as the United States of America.

Edit: I know I’m not in charge here anymore, but I’d like to politely request that this thread be stickied. People with vendettas against me are just going to downvote this to hell so that nobody will get to see it.

Edit2: Please don’t let this fucking thread go unnoticed. I created this fucking sub, I deserve better than this.

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