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Anarcha-Feminist Flag

Anarcha-feminism is a self-described radfem anarchist ideology that is often hostile to incels.

It's definition and ideology is usually vague, and varies depending on the time of the feminist ideology it follows. Most anarcha-feminists are radfem and believe in patriarchy theory. Traditionally, anarcha-feminists were only concerned with women's issues. However, more recently, they've been fighting for LGBT+ rights as well. Although older anarcha-feminists often are upset by this.

Intersectional anarcha-feminists[edit]

Some anarcha-feminists may also identify as intersectional feminists, claiming fighting the patriarchy, "will be the only way to ensure true equality for all". This view is problematic The patriarchy implies men have superiority over women, which in the western first-world is just not true, and often can be argued otherwise... Perhaps anarcha-feminists mean that, "patriarchy", only applies to the upper-class men in society, but if that is the case, then “patriarchy” would not apply to bottom-decile men and most of their arguments are moot.

Hostility toward the manosphere[edit]

Anarcha-feminists often attack incel spaces, the blackpill and the redpill. In fact they will attack anyone who is incel for any reason, including whitepillers, purplepillers, rainbowcels, and Anti-sexism activists. This is ironic considering their self proclaimed ideals of fighting for equality for people regardless of gender, identity and sex often goes against such goals merely due to their hatred of incel people and movements that seek to raise awareness for male issues.

Presence on the web[edit]

Many anarcha-feminists are members of communities such as inceltears. They often deny or deflect their own ideology and engage in deplatforming tactics against enemies. Their deplatforming tactics often reinforces the same sexism they claim they are fighting... So much for being inter-sectionalists...

Anarcha-feminism is widely present within breadtube, twitter, tumblr, /Leftypol, and self-identified left-leaning discord servers.


Anarcha-feminists are often fangirls and/or femcels. This is because an-fems are mostly an online phenomenon. Their breeding grounds are mostly PC sites. Many often will get offended when you mention issues such as male disposability in a way that does not immediately put the blame on solely men.


Anarcha-feminism has a very unique history, often sharing spaces with other anarchist ideologies. Anarcha-feminism was fringe even within the fringe of feminism and leftism, and arguably has only gained notoriety in the modern day. Just like with the rise of leftism giving rise to many different movements with their ideas to fight sexism, Anarcha-feminism was one of those ideologies and is to this day still fighting against such other gender-equality movements.

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