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Chasteberry, also known as, "Monk's pepper", was used as an anaphrodisiac in Medieval times

An anaphrodisiac is a drug that tends to reduce the libido, thus enabling inceldom sufferers to go to work, college etc. healthily.

Taking such pills is a technique used by some nearcels, nymphocels, truecels and incels in order to cope with the pain of inceldom.

Possible anaphrodisiacs[edit]

The science on anaphrodisiacs is weak and spotty. However, according to anecdotal evidence or small studies, the following may work to some extent:

  • Chasteberry/Monk's pepper/Vitex agnus-castus[1] (was used by monks to maintain celibacy[2])
  • 5-hydroxytryptophan (common animo acid sold over-the-counter as 5-HTP[3])
  • Bland foods[4]
  • Kava[5]
  • Wintergreen[6] (of family Ericaceae) (usually ground into pulp or oil)
  • Saffron stigma[7]
  • Common Rue (herb)
  • Mashua (root vegetable)
  • SSRIs (more likely to cause anorgasmia though, resulting in more frustration rather than less)


Although the Incel Wiki does not advocate taking any drastic forms of medicinal antaphrodisiacs, small doses are less likely to have serious consequences and/or long-term side-effects.


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