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Altmark22 is the current admin of incels dot wiki who also had an admin position on this wiki. He was the only author of the three major writers of the Scientific Blackpill article on incel people dot wiki to come onto this wiki and he has aided in the construction of several articles on this wiki.

Not a blackpill dogmatist[edit]

He is not a blackpill dogmatist, which is partly why he is on both wikis, and has taken to looking at every issue from multiple perspectives to challenge and refine popular opinions. He has also stated he has lost a bit of faith in evolutionary psychological arguments about mating, and has lately been focusing on direct empirical studies.


He was installed as a peaceful transition of power on incels dot wiki from tables to Altmark during the Great April 2020 Wiki Wars. "Tables" stated he possessed mental stability, historical knowledge, tolerance of a wide variety of political opinion, non-combativeness, as well as other qualities suited to leadership that tables does not possess in as much quantity. Tables had previously recommended him for chat admin positions. Tables and him get along and chat a lot.


  • Various authoritarian beliefs, for example that the worst criminals should be caned, and a general tendency towards valuing the wellbeing and social harmony of the group above the individual in many areas of public policy.
  • Being anonymous
  • He does not believe in certain beliefs many blackpillers often hold, for example he thinks that claims about women exclusively preferring hypermasculine faces are not borne out in scientific literature, with the bulk of the evidence suggesting this trait is not particularly important to most women, and it seems clear that many women actually prefer feminine or androgynous faces in men. He is generally opposed to the extreme dogmatism and lack of nuanced thinking that many self-proclaimed blackpillers often display.
  • Non-coercive arranged marriage for those who desire it, or the implementation of other societal measures that aim to alleviate incel and low fertility rates, such as state sponsored matchmakers and so on. (Similar measures have been implemented in countries with low fertility rates, such as Japan and South Korea, to mixed results). Alternatively or additionally, subsidized prostitution for disabled or perpetually incel men. While he is skeptical such measures would ever be implemented on a broad level owing to humanities natural tendency towards devaluing "low-status" men, Western individualism and egoism, and broad trends towards declines in group-level social cohesion and functioning, he believes the successful implementation of such measures would increase productivity (especially among young men), generally increase social wellbeing and happiness, partially ameliorate low birthrates, and decrease marginal cases of violent behavior caused by alienated men lashing out against society as a whole.

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