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The alt-right is an ill-defined collection of people that the 2016 US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton memed into political discourse as a scapegoat for not having a platform. This “basket of deplorables” includes trolls who are looking to engage in racial insults because it's taboo.

The movement is almost identical to 4chan’s /pol/ board as of 2022. Some original alt-right bloggers only mean “alt-right” to mean right-libertarianism, but that usage is not particularly common. The term was technically coined by the white-nationalist Richard Spencer, who has gone on to disavow the movement for being too self-defeating for white-nationalists.

You can basically tell how alt-right someone is by how much they use the word “cuck”. Alt-righters have been extremely active in trying to grift, sabotage, and monopolize online spaces dedicated to involuntary celibates since 2016. This is not without cooperation from the media, which seeks to paint involuntary celibates as right-wingers in order to diminish their support from mainstream society. Alt-right, incel grifters often hide behind a veil of anonymity, except when they show up to IRL, incel grifting alt-right festivals like Virginfest 2021.

The person on the upper left is Matthew Heimbach, the person in the background is Adolf Hitler. See Hybristophilia, Richard Spencer, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, and Elliot Rodger.

Definition and origin[edit]

The alternative right wing, which is usually abbreviated as "alt-right", primarily emphasizes the preservation of the white race and white societies, as opposed to the established right wing, which emphasizes various other issues, and has a race-blind ideology.

The “right-wing” used to refer to people who occupied the right side of France's parliament during the French Revolution. Such people supported a monarchy against the wishes of most peasants.

The term “alt-right” was coined by Richard Spencer, to represent his own style of white-centric, authoritarian, and self-described elitist politics. Since then, Richard has moved more to the left-wing, while retaining some of his authoritarianism- something that has angered much of the current alt-right. Spencer no longer uses the term “alt-right” to self-identify.

Alt-right and incel[edit]

Some alt-right figures, such as Richard Spencer, Roger Devlin, Gregory Conte, and Andrew Anglin see incel as potentially useful to their own type of pro-natalist agenda, as they want people of a particular race to have more sex and more babies. There aren't many pro-natalist groups out there, so the alt-right kinda hogs the most prominent spot. Any other pro-natalist movement would also likely be sympathetic to incel people. However, it is likely that the alt-right might not actually want most incel people to reproduce, as they may deem them as having bad genetics.

It seems the alt-right's target audience are not incel people, but instead are successful chads who claim to be oppressed by "woke" society. This is supported by the fact that in an article in Counter-Current Publishing (an alt-right publishing house) website, the author wrote: "If one is of above-average intelligence and sticking with a job, eventually one becomes a leader or manager. And by 'eventually,' I really mean you end up being a leader very quickly. And leadership is hard."[1]

Despite the fakestream media making such claims as "the so-called incel movement [is] one of the stranger offshoots of the 'alt right' ",[2] to be an incel person is not joining a political movement, but being in a life circumstance of involuntary celibacy.


Many alt-righters pedestalize and orbit people such as Lauren Southern. Women like Lauren seek to exploit the thirst of alt-right men by publicly advocating alt-right ideology. Alt-right men tend to have a fetish for Asian women (or possibly, Asian women have a fetish for them),[3] or sometimes even marry Jews (e.g. Jared Taylor, Mike Enoch). Some people argue that the tradcon concept of gender roles, which is held by many people in the alt-right, make them women-worshipers, but quite a few people in the movement (Andrew Anglin, for example) exhibit extreme anti-feminism, and violently oppose any personalitist theory of women's sexuality.

Rise to prominence[edit]

The digital MSM lately likes to elevate people that are extremely controversial because they took out too many loans and are trying to pay it off with clickbait. They feign outrage and then give free publicity to the people they pretend to be outraged about. This phenomenon may have been the largest contributor to the rise of the alt-right. Without the 30,000 articles on Richard Spencer no one would have heard or cared about him. This disproportionate media attention paid to Spencer also caused many in the alt-right to allege he is “controlled opposition”.

The Incel Question[edit]

Here is Grotesque's response:

It’s because most of them denounced us at first, in a lame effort to find a common ground and seem more moderate with their enemies. Because teehee nobody cares about the ugly guy standing in the corner.
Then, they realized that incel numbers are growing quickly and there’s shekels to be made. Thus, they are throwing their hat in to be the guy that “helped” us, and become a de facto spokesmen for incels.

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