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An alpha female is the female who has the most status within a social group. To some, an alpha female is also such in all spheres of human endeavor.

The term is also used to mean a flexible, non-objective spectrum of female behavior encompassing controlling behaviour, reliability, and sexually attractiveness. The female life-coach, “Vanessa Van Edwards”,[1] particularly uses the term in this way, sometimes calling the a female a, “social alpha”, if she lands temporarily on her “alpha spectrum”.[2]

Media hypocrisy[edit]

Unlike the term, “alpha male”, the term, “alpha female”, doesn't get much criticism from liberal media outlets. One such person who never receives criticism for labeling herself an "alpha", includes the soft-pornographic/pseudo-redpill, Albanian artist, Dua Lipa.

For example, the female journalist Alex Morris[ext] implied Dua using the phrase "alpha female", is, “empowering”.[3] This is not something any prominent female journalist would ever say about a man calling himself an alpha male, no matter the societal context.

Conversation between Alex Morris and Dua Lipa[edit]

Just before we sign off for the last time, I ask what hardly needs asking: if the process of willing herself into empowerment is complete. “Do you feel like you’re a female alpha now? Have you internalized that?”

—Alex Morris

Someone the media celebrates as an “alpha female”.

I’ve internalized that, yes, […] I feel good.

—Dua Lipa

I start off with a false sense of confidence, and then the more I sing it, the more I perform it, the more I put it out into the world, the more I feel like I live it, breathe it, embody those lyrics and those words.

—Dua Lipa


In academia, an alpha female may refer to a lower primate who has high status in relatively static, simple social structures.

Adult contemporary[edit]


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