Alpha, Beta, Omega (Pick-up-artist concept)

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The PUA Alpha-Beta-Omega chart

The Alpha, Beta, and Omega status signifiers are pick-up-artist lingo for sexual ability, success, or deservedness (depending on the mood of the pick-up-artist). Alpha males are described to be at the top of the sexual hierarchy, with omegas at the bottom.

This concept was further expanded into the social realm by a video game programmer and blogger named Vox Day into what he called the “sociosexual hierarchy”.


Alpha males[edit]

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An alpha male is an ever elusive concept. To pick-up-artists, it sometimes means someone who is able to have sex with many women.

Beta males[edit]

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Beta males according to pick-up-artists, are moderately sexually successful and typically followers; they are usually subservient to alphas. Traditionally, they usually exchange loyalty to alphas in exchange for alphas not hoarding all the females. However, modern day betas tend to not (vocally) care much about getting laid nor who is ruling them. Beta is a near synonym for “normie” or, “average male”. They generally have to work to bribe women with resource/job security, unlike alphas.

This conception of beta males is similar to how scientists describe Chimpanzee dominance hierarchies. In fact, some pick-up-artists consider humans not much different than Chipmanzees, and people such as Mike Cernovich title their books as such.

Omega males[edit]

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Omega male is the last pick-up-artist term. Males who are totally unsuccessful with women are deemed the, “Omega males”. They are described as having little to no social circle, and never getting laid. Omega males are often labeled with Asperger syndrome.


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