All women are prostitutes

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All women are prostitutes means that all heterosexual women today are in the pussy cartel, and all can be purchased, by anyone who has enough social capital, once in the dating market.

The theory assumes heterosexual women artificially withhold free sex in order to commodify themselves. The theory also assumes that no woman makes the friendzone permanent. In other words, women do not automatically exclude men based on their personality, as long as the man in question can amass an array of valued goods or social status.

A conclusion of the theory is that all sex is technically illegal, wherever prostitution is illegal. The theory is commonly held by MRAs, many incels, and many prostitutes.

Usage of the theory[edit]

In the 1970s, at least one pussy cartel used the phrase verbatim. For example, the English Collective of Prostitutes, used “all women are prostitutes”, as a catchphrase, in order to keep the support of women not consciously in the sex trade.[1]


When a woman scabs from the pussy cartel, she may still technically be a regular whore, but it would invalidate the notion that “you’re always paying for it”.


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