Alana’s Involuntary Celibacy Project

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Alana’s Involuntary Celibacy Project
Type: Site and Listserv
Founders: Alana
Frontend Admins: Alana, Lee
Server Admins: Unknown
Writers: Adults
State: Inactive/lost
Companies used: Unknown
Predecessors: Unknown
Love Not Anger
Prior URLs: None
Alternate URLs: Unknown

Alana’s Involuntary Celibacy Project (AICP) was founded during 1997, and was the first self-identified incel community. It was also the first website to abbreviate the term “involuntary celibacy” to “incel”. The site contained a listserv which was initially populated by members of, a Social Anxiety support Usenet group.

Alana created the listserv, and in its last years the listserv was adminned solely by a UK man named, “Lee”.[1] The listserv was active until at least 2005, and was even linked on, even though also had its own incel forums separate from the listserv.

During the 2000s, AICPs community moved to the forums, then the incelSupport forums, and lastly, in the 2010s, the forum.


Alana created the site[2] as a research project at her college for involuntary celibates, shortening the involuntary celibacy term coined by Antoine Banier (originally calling it “invcel”), but never seemed to assist any published research from the early 90s to now except maybe for the Donnelly Study.

Media conflicts over whether Alana started this website during 1993 or 1997, however Alana herself on the podcast NonCompete says that the date she started the website was 1997 and not 1993.[3]

Sometime before May 1997 she described herself publicly on her website as a “lesbian” with dating experience who had been reading a lot of feminist writings.[4] Alana started the first incel “forum” as a mailing list (forum) later on in 1997. So Alana started the mailing list (the forum) as a lesbian, contrary to some accounts suggesting she stopped considering herself as straight or started dating *after* the forum was created. In 1997, her site won an award from an LGBT organization.

During 1997, Alana invited members of the Usenet group to visit her AICP website.[5] During 1998, she invited users of to participate in her mailing list.[6]


  • Alana
  • Lee


Alana stopped maintaining the site in 2003 and the community and board was handed off to, “Lee”, who created a few incel forums using conventional forum software on

INVCEL to Incel[edit]

Incel was originally, “invcel”, and Alana’s personal story has the url of invcel.html, but the community decided “Incel” would be easier to pronounce and not sound like “imbecile” (In-v-cel sorta sounded like Im-be-cile).

Who Qualified as Incel?[edit]

  • Someone who has never dated, or not dated in a long time, but would like to, is involuntarily celibate
  • Someone going through long periods of not dating anyone
  • Those who, for one reason or another, have difficulty meeting someone for a sexual relationship
  • Those with no or very little experience with sex and dating
  • Someone with experience of dating and sex, but not for many years
  • Those who are in a relationship, but for one reason or another their partner desires sex very infrequently or not at all
  • Those who are sexually inactive while wishing to be otherwise
  • Those with an inability to form relationships
  • Those married, but the “spark” is gone: little or no sex, little or no love.
  • Those who have intense difficulty dating, searching for a mate
  • Those who just want to get laid, and can't for some reason
  • Your Geek Code contains r--, r---, !r, r*, z, z--, !z, or !z+
  • Not being able to express oneself sexually due to circumstances that are difficult to control (this would include those who are socially phobic, shy, disfigured, homosexual, sexually disfunctional, marcels, the handicapped, prisoners, mentally ill, pedophiles or whatever else...the list is infinite)[7]

Forum Discussion[edit]

There were always problems with what exactly there was to talk about, but it's safe to say they we were all unhappy with the consistent lack of sexual and/or romantic lives. Whatever the discussions of terms and definitions, the term, “Incel”, was adopted and they seemed to have an intuitive understanding of what it meant. Additionally, in the early years, one didn't have to be a virgin to be Incel. They based this off of another early researcher, Dr. Donnelly, who stated this: “we define the involuntary celibate as one who desires to have sex, but has been unable to find a willing partner for at least 6 months prior to being surveyed.”[8]

Negativity Arising on the Board[edit]

Compared to today’s incel boards, the overall tone of the conversation was different: Incel was not a permanent thing, and women were part of the Incel community. Because of this, fatalistic and defeatist attitudes as well as misogyny and anti-feminism weren't as pervasive as they are now. But there still was negativity and Alana left. At this point in time, self-describing as incel wasn't a negative thing even though the state of being incel was negative. It remained that way for over a decade, which ranged from the end of the 90s to the end of the 2000s.


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