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An acnecel is whose acne is a cause of their incel.

An acnecel is someone for whom acne has been one of the contributing factors leading to their incel.



There is evidence that poor diet is a primary cause of acne and there are easy ways to reduce acne with dietary changes. Such methods include eliminating high glycemic-load foods[1] (mild/moderate reduction), selenium/vitamin E dual supplementation,[2] and omega-3 supplementation.[3] High IGF-1 blood serum levels are correlated with acne, and dairy products increase IGF-1 in the blood.[4] Consumption of large amounts of fish and seafood has been shown to reduce acne.[5] Only after after introduction of Western habits, such as an increased consumption of sweet soda, beef, dairy products and processed foods, acne lesions were diagnosed in the Inuit Indian population.[6]


Acnecels are sometimes prescribed the prescription drug Accutane to cure severe acne. The drug is works by essentially overdosing you on Vitamin A, halting sebum production. Accutane does cure acne in some patients. However, the side effects of Accutane include suicide, making the drug seem a bit counterproductive for many with depression.

The drug has a 3.3/5 star rating on, with 743 patient reviews. Other side effects reported include IBS, POTS, joint disease, yeast infection, vomiting, heat intolerance, infected joints, tachycardia, muscle atrophy, mood disorders, puffy eyes, hallucinations, headache/sinus pain, migraine, dyspnea, insomnia, nosebleeds, cracked skin, chest pain, liver and kidney damage, psychosis, low libido, abdomen pain, persistent thirst, premature ejaculation, increased defecation, arthritis, tinnitus, extreme hair loss, and dry skin.

Some reported side effects of accutane can contribute to incel, such as permanent sexual dysfunction (sometimes in the form of erectile dysfunction) and dysautonomia.

Select accutane reviews[edit]

I took Accutane for 9 months when I was 14, then again at 16. When I was 17 started experiencing unexplained muscle loss, twitching, pain, aching of bones, sensitivity to light, heat intolerance... I'm 20 now and am scared I'm dying because of the muscle atrophy. I can't leave the house, especially when it's warm outside and spend most of the time in bed. Also my heart rate is over 90 unless I take a betablocker. Don't take this drug, it has ruined my life.[7]

Well, I never thought I'd ever share it, but yeah. Accutane destroyed my sex drive. It's not that I can't get an erection or anything, it's just that.. When I start having a sexual intercourse withmy girlfriend, I don't last long at all. I can barely ever get her to come and it's pretty hard on my self esteem. You may say - 'Why don't you foreplay more?' There's a limit to foreplay, get real. Regardless, I'm not going to die from this, I've been through worse. However, I completely recommend AVOIDING ACCUTANE AT ALL COST. You'd rather have problems with sex than having acne? That's the worse mistake you can ever make. That's.. The worse mistake I ever made. My acne did go away - not completely, but it did prove to be very efficient after a little over than 6 months. Regardless, it was not worth it. If the only reason you want to get rid of acne is to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend, then you're an idiot. Your acne will go with time[8]

Was ok for first 3 months treatment, then developed ache in ankle. He said it wasn't related. Mild hair shedding. Became more depressed. Stopped treatment early, 5 months in. 5 months after I stopped, ENTIRE BODY FELL APART, severe brain damage/borderline brain dead, confused, barely able to walk or stand, pain spread to EVERY SINGLE joint in entire body with horrific cracking, skin ruined, facial fat atrophy, hollow eyes, I look 20 years older and feel 90. Developed parkinson-like tremors, suicidal depression, wished for death, burning nerve pain like I'm soaked in acid. All this happened AFTER I stopped. This is the most horrific coverups in modern medical history, a genocide of youth. I am 100% sure the literature showing 'no link' between IBS, depression, and accutane use is completely fabricated. SO MANY PEOPLE INJURED BY THIS. Even in my normal life I know people damaged by it. Completely disabled have been mostly bedbound for 5 years I am in the process of applying for euthanasia. I cry and am severely suicidal every moment of the day. I had a great life before this and was studying to become a doctor, 4.0 student, athletic[9]


tl;dr if you eat healthier, your acne will probably get better


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