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Acne is a skin condition whereby hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells from the skin. In the incelosphere, people with the condition call themselves acnecels.

Body acne such as bacne ("back acne"), or associated scarring. can generate gymnophobia, (fear of nudity) and thus lead to incel in places where nudity is expected for sexual intercourse.

Looksmatched, acne ridden women are horny like incels[edit]

Just as high blood androgen tends to be related [...] "horniness" in girls. More succinctly, the "horniest" high school girls can easily be spotted because they are the ones with the most conspicuous cases of acne! Of course, females have relatively less blood andro-gen than males do. And this is why the most severe cases of teenage acne are always suffered by males and not by females Not surprisingly, 63 percent of the older love-shys and 53 percent of the younger love-shys had had "moderate to severe" cases of teenage acne.

—Shyness and Love, by Brian Gilmartin[1]

Love-shy men tend to be extremely interested in sex. They have books on the subject and copies of PLAYBOY and PENTHOUSE magazines strewn all over their apartments. And many of them have color photographs of attractive women (both nude and clothed) hanging all over their walls

—Shyness and Love, by Brian Gilmartin[2]


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