3S woman

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A 3S woman is a standardcel, boomer, incel woman who claims to not be able to find a man because she is personally: single, born in the nineteen seventies, and stuck.

They bemoan a lack of "outstanding men", who they feel are getting married too much or outside of their social circle. The term is used in China and Japan.

3S women are a subset of leftover women.


They are typically wealthy, and with a lot of education, a good job, and a high, stable income. Outside sources claim they are deficient in either looks or intelligence, "stuck", in having a few good qualities, but not all at once. They also feel they are a unique generation devoid of children.[1]

A 3S friend from Beijing once joked that nowadays, high-quality single young women are like crucian carp, and outstanding men either get married early or spend time with others, and hope to become a lesbian in desperation. Talking and laughing, we can see that the 3S female clan has indeed become a spreading trend. [They come here every day]

—from a Chinese, online magazine[2]


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